I'm currently completing my Master of Architecture at Carleton University in Ottawa, having previously completed my Bachelor of Interior Design at Humber College in Toronto. 

Over the past four years, I’ve begun the process of exploring new ways to think about the built environment. I have become increasingly excited as I’ve acquired skill sets that have enabled me to move to a deeper understanding of the meaning of space.
To me, pursuing a Master’s degree in architecture is the logical next step as I work to broaden and deepen my ability to consider and create spaces that reflect my desire to positively affect the ways in which people interact with their surroundings. 
I strongly believe that even the most creative and thoughtful architectural concept has no real meaning unless it can be effectively implemented; and effective implementation relies on a strong substructure of practical and critical skills. This means not just having the ability to translate an idea into a drawing, but asking the questions and having the knowledge, understanding, and determination to see the project through to construction. For this reason, I’ve made it a habit to never turn down the opportunity to learn a new skill. From the details of cabinetmaking and kitchen installation, to taking on extra-to-degree courses in hand-drawing and Revit, to volunteering with Toronto artist Christine Kim to implement her 2013 and 2014 Nuit Blanche installations, I’ve tried to build a strong repertoire of practical skills to back up my theoretical understanding. At this point, I’m interested in joining practical, theoretical, and critical ways of considering human spaces. 
Ultimately, my goal as an architect is to create environments that have a positive impact, whether that means benefiting the natural environment, enhancing communities, or positively affecting the lives of people through something I’ve helped create.
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